“Dear, Henrietta...

…Once John Lawler plays his telecaster to play Costello Music, Henrietta comes from her corner to open her boxes of surprise.”

Nadia Siswadi, the girl who hides behind Henrietta is a content writer since 2019 in one of a start-up in Bandung. She is also writing for Bobobox’s blog in late 2019, and team up for some projects as a copywriter such as iAIDS Jabar 2019, one of her established copywrite.

Since she has to be aware of beauty and self-care topics, she finally gets into these so much.

She struggles with her problem – acne and dull skin since she was 14 and it was a hard time when she only knows that makeup is just the answer to cover her skin problem because she is overwhelmed with skincare.

So, she loves to share any product that works for her – so she can help many people who need to try and error with self-care products. Because she knows that skincare or self-care product is not that complicated and there is no reason to be overwhelmed with that.

She loves watching a motion picture, he will spend at least two hours watching her favorite movie – even she okay to watch the movie twice or more. Nevertheless, she is an audiophile, she loves music since she was a kid.

Cassette is her first love – this is the last gift from her father when he knows that his beloved daughter love music so much.

Today, Nadia still puts her needle spinning around, so the plate keeps spinning around. As she always listens to John Lawler with Fratellis Squad said.